The simplest guaranteed way to fill 2019 tax return
and save up to 70%

you may wonder Why us

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1 Best Price

2 Maximized Return

3 Simplest Way


Best price

Our price saves you up to 70% compared to the market. Specially, we offer free tax preparation for students, disabilities and low-income people. This is our effort to help Canadian community stronger.

Maximized return

Your return will get done by CPAs at PersonalBanker in order to maximize all the benefits you deserved. In addition, we do, at the same time tax reclaim to review your tax history for every opportunity you may have missed. This service is completely zero up-front fees and our clients always love it.


Simplest way

We take the advantages from tax software and traditional way to offer you a new hybrid method to fill your 2019 tax return. Everything you need answers an online questionnaire, our experts will do the rest for you.

Going before Deadline is always the best

April 15 is the deadline for taxes in Canada. Don’t do it at the last minute.Get your “homework” done today by CPA accountant at Personal Banker


Why do I end up owing income tax when I file my tax return every year?

We believe that there are a number of factors that may contribute to the length of time, for example the time of year, the kind of amendment being filed, the year that’s being amended, the number of documents being considered, etc. The whole process will be conducted manually by CRA specialists.

What if I don’t have all my information slips?

Pre-Authorized Debit has been the most effective method to collecting our fee(s) once our clients has received their refund from CRA.

How do you get a social insurance number?

On our members login you will be able to track the status of your file(s) when you login to your own client portal, provided via PersonalBanker website.

How can you find out the status of your tax refund?

On average, it takes roughly 4-8 weeks for CRA to disburse Tax-Reclaim refunds to our clients

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